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We’re in this together

So, pretty much everyone is on lockdown and told to stay at home. It’s given me time to sort things out for the business.

I had a good chat with my landlord who was quite supportive. He’s agreed to let me pay what I can in rent for the next two months and we’ll catch up on rent once back to normal. We have a good relationship anyway, but it’s good news about the rent.

Also, my biggest supplier who supplies all my beach items for the summer called me on Monday, said they’re closing for the foreseeable and will be in touch once everything Is ok again. They told me not to worry about the payment I owe them, they said credit will be extended until later in the year, which was a huge boost! That’s one less thing to worry about as I had a big order delivered by them just before lock down (and some decent weather!!)

I’ve also had some great gestures off other people, including another island business offering to help me out with stock if desperate and one of my djing gigs which got cancelled has been re-arranged for December, they offered to pay me up front now to help with cash. Just little things that can help out over the next few months.

Trying to shift the focus to online sales for the next few weeks. Offering 20% off. It’s gone down well and have had a number of orders which I’m most grateful for. It helps with ticking over for the time being!

The whole situation for everyone is bad.,I understand more than ever that’s it’s not just me but loads of businesses and people are worried about a lot of things. I’m less worried now about the financial situation than I was on Monday. Hopefully restrictions will be lifted sooner rather than later. Stay safe and stay at home!


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