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Changing by the hour

It’s changing so fast now, another few days have gone and even my own view on this changed dramatically. On Saturday a number of cafes closed on Barry Island and a number did take away service. Most of the shops stayed open. All arcades were closed. Even Marcos closed and the only time I’ve ever seen Marcos closed is on Christmas Day. It’s always first open and last closed all the time.

Saturday started off slow and I didn’t think I’d take much. But throughout the day it started getting busier and I was only about 50% down from the previous weekend. I got a lot of criticism on social media for being open, I was shocked, the government hasn’t advised shops to close and nearly every shop in Barry was open. In my view, it’s probs safer for me to work at my shop serving 20-30 people a day than working in a supermarket where there are thousands of people inside daily. But I was still being criticised for trying to work. I was encouraging visitors apparently. If every shop on Barry Island was closed, people would go there still anyway, as it’s a big open space and food for walking.

I closed earlier than normal, around 4.30, I probably would’ve been there until around 6.30 had it been a normal sunny day in March.

It wasn’t until I got home I realised everyone’s concerns. I saw the pictures of the island, it was busy, queues for chippies and everyone enjoying a jolly day trip. I don’t blame the public, they thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk outdoors, unfortunately, hundreds had the same idea to go to Barry island. People weren’t listening to the advice to stay home.

I saw the death count for Italy the U.K. and had made my mind up. Sunday was my last day. I only went down the shop to check dates of my drinks and food items. I got there just before 11 and closed at 3pm. More cafes and chippies had closed as well. It was scarily quiet for a sunny Mother’s Day on Barry Island. It did get busier throughout the day, but no where near as busy as Saturday. By 3 o clock I had closed up and left.

There’s been a lack of clarity for retail. Pubs and cafes have been told to close. Shops haven’t been advised anything. Most shops are choosing to close by themselves.

It’s changed by the hour so many times this weekend. I started Saturday by worrying about not taking enough to survive, I ended up Sunday worrying about my health and the health of family. Stay home, and stay safe.

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