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More orders have been cancelled

Seasonal orders are starting to come in. I placed these months ago, when Covid-19 wasn’t even a big thing here. My first order of beach/summer items has arrived. The supplier has agreed to hold on to the other half and we’ll see how it goes. I can cancel if I need to.

I’ve also cancelled 4 more orders for the foreseeable. 2 are local suppliers, this is now impacting my local suppliers who I aim to use before other suppliers. Hundreds of pounds lost for local suppliers, its starting to run down my supply chain and impact their business too. I was going to cancel a 4th order with a local supplier, but he said take it, and pay whenever, there’s no rush. So that’s good news.

I’m not going to be making anymore orders unless it’s a necessity until the end of this is in sight. I’ve got a lot of stock anyway, so it’s a case of going with what I’ve got right now and putting all future projects on hold. Which is shame, had some good ideas for this year.

Outside of the shop, I’m A DJ. I’ve been djing for 10 years or so, done major clubs in Barry, Cardiff, every GlastonBARRY and countless private functions. With all pubs and bars closing, I’ve had all my gigs cancelled between now and the end of May. 9 dates. With all these gigs cancelled, that’s another £1000 (ish) of lost income over the next 10 weeks. I can’t even begin to think of the lost income for pubs, bars and clubs. It’s worrying times.

The weekend is in sight. It’s set to be mild, dry and reasonably bright. From the weather, there should be a decent crowd on Barry island. But with all cafes now only allowed to do takeaways, it could be a different story. I’ll update on Monday 😀

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